This Plum Ice Cream is made with just 4 ingredients. Plums, sugar, milk powder and fresh cream. By the way, it’s a no churn ice cream.

I love experimenting with foods. Ice creams are something that are on top of the list. It’s the season for plums and I had 2 fruits left and I wanted to try making ice cream out of it. The ice cream turned out creamy and super delicious and my daughter who is not a big fan of fruit ice creams is in love with this one.

Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Freezing Time : 6-8 hours

Makes : 250 grams

Ingredients :

Plums : 2 large pitted and diced

Sugar : 1/2 cup + 2 teaspoons

Milk powder : 1/2 cup

Fresh cream : 1/2 cup


In a small saucepan, add the diced plums, 2 teaspoons of sugar and cook until the plums are soft and mushy. Turn off the stove and let them cool.

In a small blender jar, add the plums and make puree.

In a large blender jar, add plum puree, milk powder, sugar, fresh cream and blend till smooth.

Pour the mixture into a freezer safe container and freeze for 6-8 hours.