These Aubergine/eggplant, feta and tomato stacks are super easy to make and it tastes delicious. My little one was kinda little skeptical at first looking at the eggplant but the flavours blend in so well and she loved it.

We are starting the New Years edition of blogging marathon with an A to Z series. We can pick any theme of our choice and do all the months with the respective alphabets. It’s 3 alphabets per month. I’m going to make quick and easy meals that are ready in 30 minutes or less.

This is my first post for BM #108, week 3 day 1 under A to Z series.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time : 15 minutes

Makes : 2 stacks


Feta cheese : 100 grams

Extra virgin olive oil : 1 tablespoon

Garlic clove : 1 minced

Aubergine/Eggplant : 1 medium cut into 1 cm circles

Tomato : 1 large cut in circles

Fresh basil leaves : a handful

Salt and pepper

Toasted bread to serve


In a small bowl, crumble feta cheese, add oil, garlic, salt and pepper, stir and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan, place the aubergine slices, season them with salt and pepper and roast them until both sides are golden. That’s about 5 minutes on each side. Once the slices are soft, turn off the stove.

Now, stack a aubergine slice, tomato, feta mixture, basil leaves. Repeat another stack and finish with a third aubergine slice and press down firmly.

Serve immediately with some toasted bread.