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Junnu is made with cow/buffalo colostrum milk which we call juju paalu. It’s a sweet that is steamed and has a cake like texture. You can get colostrum milk powder to make junnu which I heard good reviews from few friends and family.

It’s a famous South Indian sweet that is simple to make yet tastes delicious. The trick to getting perfect Junnu lies in adding the correct amount of regular milk to Junnu paalu. If the milk is from 1st day, you take 1:1 ratio of Junnu paalu and regular milk. For 2nd and 3rd day milk, you take 2:1 ration of Junnu paalu and regular milk.

Made this dish as part of our blogging marathon #106, week 4, day 3. I chose to do “traditional sweets from any region”. I’m doing South Indian specials this week.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time : 15 minutes

Serves : 4


Junnu paalu : 1/2 liter

Regular milk : 1/2 liter

Jaggery : 1/2 kg grated

Ground black pepper : 1 teaspoon


Mix Junnu paalu and regular milk with jaggery and stir until jaggery is melted.

Take a steel bowl and strain the mixture into it. Add black pepper and stir once. Close lid and place the bowl in the pressure cooker and cook on steam (just like idli) for 15 minutes or until the fork comes out clean from the middle.

Let it cool and serve. No need to refrigerate but the cold one tastes good too.