It’s week 3 day 2 of our Blogging Marathon 105. Under pick one country and one category, I picked Pennsylvania Dutch side dishes.

Green beans is cultivated on a large scale by the locals in the area. We can say corn is number one and green beans comes next. So, they use lots of green beans in their daily cooking.

This Sour green beans is actually a sweet and sour dish that tastes delicious. Even kids will enjoy the flavours. I tasted these beans in a restaurant but could get the recipe from a Woman’s Day cook book that was published in 1966. A dear friend of mine gifted me these books.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Serves : 6-8


Cooked Green beans : 4 cups cut into 1 inch pieces

Cider Vinegar : 1/3 cup

Water : 1/3 cup

Packed Light brown sugar : 1/3 cup

Salt : 1/2 teaspoon

Ground Pepper : 1/2 teaspoon


Drain the cooked beans.

Add the rest of the ingredients in a pan and simmer for 5 minutes.

Add beans and mix well. Bring it to a boil and turn off the stove.

Serve immediately with any main dish.